FAE-1 DJ Mixer Pt. 4

Well, she’s done folks.

The case came in in and I promptly got stuck into it with my new drill press and stepped drill bit (actually the drill press is 20 or so years old but new to me) and mounted everything in it – and – hey presto! She works!


I used some nice Canare jacks for the RCA inputs and ITT Cannon models for the XLR Output. These are a cute Japanese size, a little smaller than the Neutrik D-Sub standard. Power comes in from the external supply via a fairly hefty Hirose connector. I added ground lift switches for both sets of XLR outputs and a third grounding post for aesthetic reasons.

I was given some Lundahl LL5608 transformers by a friend and used those to balance the main outputs. These sound amazing just like everything that comes out of their factory. I believe these were pulled out of an old Calrec desk. Anyway, no info on these was floating around the internet so I had to sus out the pinout, they are being run in a step up config, something like 1:1.5 or so. I didn’t measure it accurately.


This little board is the VU meter trim. You can see the 5V regulator for the lighting and relay switching to the left of it.


And a photo of the guts! At final count there are 21 PCBs in this enclosure. One of my pet peeves are inaccessable trimpots, this is a good photo to see how I mounted (all 18) them so you can trim it up just by taking the top cover off.


Still to do: Enclosure for the power supply.

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