Pathos Pt. 5 (The Pitch)

Sooooooooo… Time to let them go, into the wild.


What you get:

  • 6x PCBs
  • 1x Front Panel
  • 1x Printed and bound documentation (41 pages)

What is it?

The Pathos mixer is a clone of a discrete American mixer from the 1970’s, model CMA-10-2DL. There are a few changes, I added an EQ section per channel as well as the master (same EQ as the original). I also did away with the original seperate controls for the left and right channels in favour of a single knob for both left and right. There are 4 input channels in total, each with Phonograph and Line inputs. I also added a split cue on the Cue channel. All jacks are situated on top of the unit for ease of construction (no drilling or ‘heavy’ construction is needed at all) as well as for ease setting up the mixer in a dark, crowded location.


The PCBs have been lovingly designed by myself to avoid all wiring. I had these made up with an EING (GOLD) treatment on the pads for ease of solder ability and so they do not oxidise.


The front panel is matt black aluminium, 3mm thick. This has been ENGRAVED, not silkscreened, for text that will never rub off, fade, scratch off. Made in Germany.

All aspects of this mixer have been designed around the mentality of longevity, quality and ease of use. The front panel design aims to reduce text to a minimum, with a clear repeated layout that is easy to grasp for a first time user and as intuitive as a music instrument for an owner in your average DJ environment.

The Cost:

$300AUD plus shipping, payable through Paypal or bank transfer (even better!) if within Australia. I’m offering a 10% discount for students.

I am not selling a complete kit, you are required to purchase additional parts (part numbers included in documentation) to finish this unit off. I estimate that the constructor will wind up spending something in the order of $800-$1000AUD (including the cost of my set) once all finished up.



This doesn’t have an internal power supply, for many design reasons and a few more practical ones. This is a relatively complicated project and I consider the ability to construct a safe power supply a cost of entry into this. I include a few tips on how I did this myself, but there is no step by step guide provided.

I have included a very complete bill of materials for all parts in the mixer but there isn’t a step by step set of instructions for the construction. I assume that the constructor is familiar with schematics and best practice construction techniques.

I have had quite a few people get in touch as I have been posting about this mixer who were interested in purchasing a unit. If you are one of those people, then I dearly appreciate your message of support throughout the design process. If you get in touch with me again I’ll make sure that you receive a unit from this run.

If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them, get in touch. I’m leaving this post up for a week before taking any orders.

PDF (included in printed form)

Associated Documents


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