9V Power Supply

Guitar pedals and batteries go pretty much hand in hand. Personally, I hate the things. Very expensive, bad for the environment, I always forget to turn things off and they are wasted very quickly not to mention the waste of space inside a pedal. No batteries for me.

With my plans to build a few pedals I quickly realised I required a multi output power supply. I happened to stumble across a box of cheap 9V 150mAh transformers at my favourite surplus house and the plans started to solidify. I designed a PCB around a generic LM317 circuit and was done with it. Seeing as pedals don’t draw that much power at all, I easily get away without using a proper heatsink and just just left off the soldermask on that area and had a bunch of holes drilled out. I liked the idea of each power supply having its own fuse, transformer and the works. No possibility of interaction between the supplies! LM317 is a much better device than the LM78xx series, I don’t use them for anything other than a relay/lighting supply or maybe something digital.



Anyway, not much more to say about this. I’ll post more photos when it is stuffed into an enclosure.


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