Pathos Ordering Information

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (03.03.17)


Pathos mixer is a clone of the CMA-10-2DL discrete American mixer from the 1970’s. It has 4 channels, each with line/phono inputs, 2 band EQ and volume. Master channel has 2 band EQ, and tape/meter output and master output. Cue channel has 5 way switch (ch1-4 and master) plus split cue button.

From me you purchase a set of PCBs and front panel, along with a build guide. This is not a step-by-step set of instructions. This is not a fully built mixer, it does not include all of the components for assembly. The constructor is required to provide their own power supply, there are a few leads on how to go about this in the documentation.

This is an advanced project, requiring the soldering of around 700 components.



You want a fantastic sounding mixer that doesn’t break the bank. You want a mixer that has higher quality components than the vast majority of others. You want a mixer with an engraved front panel that will NEVER wear away or rub off. You are inquisitive and patient, willing to learn a little and reap the rewards. You are after something gloriously simple.



If you are keen contact me with your address, I’ll send you a quote for the PCB/Front Panel sets ($300AUD) plus shipping. If we are good I will send you a paypal invoice. The units will be shipped with tracking. Australia Post isn’t that cheap, but the packages should arrive to most areas of USA/EUROPE/ASIA within 10 business days. It seems that shipping to USA/Europe is $35-45AUD. There are obviously no guarantees on my end about this as it is completely out of my hands though. Locals are more than welcome to pick their sets up.

fabricastronaut at gmail dot com



The Documentation is available for anyone to download. This includes the documentation for the mixer, all schematics, datasheets for all components (other than resistors/capacitors), the manual from the original mixer and images of the PCBs and Front Panel. I suggest prospective constructors read over it all carefully!

Download Here